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Election Reform Studies

Thr goal of this page is to list and very briefly summarize the major studies of election reform issues since November 7, 2000. If you have suggestions for this page, For contact info please see About ERIN.

11/07/2001 - Not Making The Grade - An Election Reform Report Card - one year after Florida, Common Cause finds "little action in states on election reform."

Key Recommendations include:
  • A statewide voter registration system;
  • A provisional balloting requirement;
  • A policy to reenfranchise ex-felons; and
  • A low residual vote rate (rate of uncounted votes).

07/31/2001 - National Commission on Federal Election Reform - Final report

Key Recommendations include:
  • "Every state should adopt a system of statewide voter registration."
  • "Every state should permit provisional voting by any voter who claims to be qualified to vote in that state.
  • "Congress should enact legislation to hold presidential and congressional elections on a national holiday."
  • "Congress should adopt legislation that simplifies and facilitates absentee voting by uniformed and overseas citizens.
  • "Each state should allow for restoration of voting rights to otherwise eligible citizens who have been convicted of a felony once they have fully served their sentence, including any term of probation or parole."
  • "Each state should set a benchmark for voting system performance... The benchmark should be expressed as a percentage of residual votes."
  • Federal matching funds.

Final Report of the NCSL Elections Reform Task Force

Key Recommendations include:
  • "States should collect and archive election data, including error rates"
  • "States should develop a statewide, electronic registration database"
  • "States should improve communication between polling places and central election offices"
  • "States should adopt no-excuse, absentee voting and early voting procedures"
  • Provisional balloting
  • Improve voter education
  • Uniform standards

Last updated 11/26/2001