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Links to organizations working for election reform, and other sites of interest

Organizations actively working for Election Reform

Century Foundation - "A research foundation that undertakes timely and critical analyses of major economic, political, and social institutions and issues. Nonprofit and nonpartisan, the Foundation was founded in 1919 and endowed by Edward A. Filene." In conjunction with the University of Virginia's Miller Center of Public Affairs, they organized a "National Commission on Federal Election Reform".

Common Cause - their primary focus appears to be campaign finace reform (a worthy cause but beyond the scope of this site) - however they have also filed suit against California in an attempt to improve voting systems there. Also, they state: "Common Cause supports legislation at the national level to provide significant federal dollars to state and local governments to replace inadequate voting equipment and to implement other bipartisan commission recommendations. If passed in Washington, this legislation will make it fiscally feasible for states like California to fix this problem, but state and local governments must do their part too."
Update: Check out Not Making The Grade - An Election Reform Report Card

The Constitution Project's Election Reform Initiative. "The initial focus of the effort is to ensure that all those who are eligible to vote and want to vote are able to do so, and that their votes are counted accurately. The Constitution Project, based at Georgetown University Law Center, is a bipartisan nonprofit organization that seeks consensus on controversial constitutional and legal issues through a unique combination of scholarship and activism." This site reports their activities, follows pending legislation, and has good news links. They also have mailing lists.

League Of Women Voters - their position on the election process is focused on abolishing the Electoral College; however on 01/29/2001 they joined 24 other "public interest, civil rights, labor and disability rights organizations" in asking Congress for election reform. More recently they have taken a stand against the Ney-Hoyer bill and in favor of the Dodd bill.

Miller Center of Public Affairs (University of Virginia) - "Studies the national and international policies of the United Sates, with a special focus on the American Presidency". In conjunction with The Century Foundation, they organized a "National Commission on Federal Election Reform" (click here for press release). This will be overseen by former Presidents Carter and Ford.

National Association of Secretaries of State - created a "National Election Standards Task Force" to research various election reform issues (see press release). The task force passed an Election Reform Resolution, and another resolution to support FEC budget requests. Also, be sure to check out their State Election Reform Information page.

Voter Rights March - "a nation-wide organization for voter rights and electoral reform with 60 Chapters across the United States and a Chapter in the Netherlands for Americans abroad." Also organizes protests against President Bush and the Supreme Court, particularly Antonin Scalia.

Voting Integrity Project - A non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to fighting vote fraud. Their motto is, "Defending your freedom by protecting your vote." On their home page, they declare: "Election 2000 and the ensuing controversy in Florida have focused public attention on the need to combat voting fraud, the need for an accurate counting of votes, and the deficiencies in "motor voter" -- all issues on which VIP has been seeking to raise awareness." This is a great source of information and articles on these issues. Also, you can ask to be added to their email list to receive occaisional updates. VIP "Best Practices" - VIP Pollwatcher Guidlines - Great site. I support the VIP.
UPDATE: VIP is involved in the development of an XML standard for elections, for more information see my page on Voter Registration.

Other sites of interest

Ballot Access News - "A non-partisan newsletter reporting on the trials and tribulations of folks trying to put candidates on the ballot in the United States of America."

The Brookings Institution's Election Reform page - News, legislation, links.

The Center for Voting and Democracy - Fairvote.org - I've heard it described as "a front for very liberal organizations", and they are strong proponents of instant runoff voting and proportional representation, which seem to be popular with liberals and third-parties. But even if you consider yourself a moderate like me it's still a great source of information.

Citizens for Leaders with Ethics and Accountability Now! - "Citizens for Leaders with Ethics and Accountability Now! (CLEAN) is a Washington state, non-profit educational organization. The goal of CLEAN is to research and publish information about ethics and accountability issues in Washington state."

Citizens for True Democracy - "CTD is dedicated to making American elections more equitable, through improving voter turnout, abolishing the Electoral College, proportional representation, and fundamentally reforming the campaign finance system. Specific focus on Presidential and Congressional (November) elections."

Committee for the Study of the American Electorate - Doesn’t look like it has been updated since last year. References a number of research articles, none recent.

Cybersavvy Citizen - lots of great articles and information about politics on the internet, such as Examples of Citizen Activism Via Computer - by Jim Buie

The Election Center - "The Election Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting, preserving, and improving democracy. Its members are government employees whose profession is to serve in voter registration and elections administration."

Election Data Services - "Election Data Services Inc. is a political consulting firm specializing in redistricting, election administration, and the analysis and presentation of census and political data with GIS (geo­graphic information systems)."

Election Reform links on the Stateline.org site.

Election Reform news on the Stateline.org site.

Election Reform - Loren Roger's "on-line resource for non-partisan reform tools".

Election Systems and Software - "ES&S designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services hardware and software systems to automate all phases of the voting process for local, state, and national election authorities worldwide."

Elections Reform Task Force of the National Conference of State Legislatures

The Federal Election Commission - The FEC seems to be primarily interested in campaign finance and reporting. However there is a page on elections and voting, and a page with some information on voting systems and standards. Also, please see the letter I received from the FEC.

Elections Upgrade - an Intranet voting proposal by the Courier-Post in Cherry Hill, N.J. A creative solution and persuasive editorial - check it out!

Electoral College Web Zine - "Resources, References & Stories about the much maligned U.S. Electoral College"

Gallup Polls on government & election reform.

Kids Voting USA - "Kids Voting USA is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to securing democracy for the future by involving youth in the election process today." - Voter education is important, so why not start early? Missouri Secretary of State Matt Blunt's election reform commission report, "Making Every Vote Count", recommends that "there should be mandated curriculum at elementary and high school levels to educate Missouri students about the voting process. The "Kids Voting" program is one that has proven to be successful and can serve as a model."

National Association of State Election Directors - Comprised of the top-ranking state election officials of each state and territory. Holds annual conferences for members. However they also evaluate voting systems. Missouri Secretary of State Matt Blunt, in his report "Making Every Vote Count", wants "tabulation equipment certified for use in Missouri to pass the strict NASED testing criteria."

Pro-Democracy Campaign - a coalition of liberal groups, mostly Greens - has drawn up a 10-point "Voters' Bill of Rights."

Project Vote Smart - an easy way to find who most of your elected officials are and how to contact them, just by entering your zip code. Also provides a great deal of other interesting information.

Secret-Ballot Voting Receipts - check out this innovative proposal!

Thomas - "Legislative Information on the Internet" - search for bills on election reform in Congress.

Vote-Trakker - Avante's "Chad-less, Data-Secured, Tamper-Resistant, and Voter-Friendly Electronic Election System".

Last updated 04/08/2002