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Election Reform Issues

When completed, this page will feature various issues related to election reform, such as internet voting, the electoral college, etc. Meanwhile, if you have suggestions for this page, For contact info please see About ERIN.

Early Voting - Many election reform proposals include calls for early voting. What are the costs and benefits?

Electoral College - The November 2000 presidential election mess has renewed calls for the abolition of the Electoral College. Just how good an idea is it?

Internet Voting - The Internet has revolutionized the way we use computers. Should it also revolutionize the way we vote?

Voting by Mail - There were no dimpled ballots or hanging chad in Oregon, which became the first state to implement a vote-by-mail system. Should other states follow their lead?

Voting Systems - Punch cards are evil. Or are they? How do they compare to other systems? Are they acceptable as is, or can they be fixed, or should they be banned?

Voter Registration - Vote fraud is facilitated by messy voter rolls, but efforts to clean them up always seem to result in legitimate voters being dropped. Does it always have to be either/or?

Last updated 07/29/2001