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Federal Activity on Election Reform

So far, the Senate has held two hearings on election reform, the most recent was conducted on March 14 and 15 by the Senate Rules and Administration Committee. There have been none yet in the House. House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., wanted a panel to study election reform but Dick Gephardt, D-Missouri, objected to Hastert's proposal that Republicans have a one-member majority on the panel and he proposed a Democrat-only panel. So, election reform will will be handled by the House Administration Committee which conducted a Hearing on Election Reform on April 25. Please visit the News page for more information.

A number of bills have been proposed, these are the ones I am familiar with:

House of Representatives
  • HR 5631 - Federal Elections Review Commission Act
  • Election Procedures Improvement Act (H.R. 354)
  • Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act

  • Election Reform Act of 2000
  • Voting Study and Improvement Act of 2000
  • Equal Protection of Voting Rights Act

    For more information on federal legislation:

  • The Constitution Project's Election Reform Initiative has a pending legislation page.
  • Thomas - "Legislative Information on the Internet" - search for bills on election reform in Congress.
  • The Brookings Institution's Election Reform page also follows federal legislation on election reform.
  • Election reform Proposals, tracked by the Elections Reform Task Force of the National Conference of State Legislatures

    Last updated 07/19/2001