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About the Election Reform Information Network (ERIN) Site

The Election Reform Information Network (ERIN) is dedicated to sharing news, links and opinions (including mine!) on election problems and solutions. I describe ERIN as "A non-partisan, non-profit site promoting election reform, with the goal of improving the efficiency, equity and accuracy of election returns all across the United States." Why? Because America is overdue for serious, nationwide election reform. Because we must not forget November 7, 2000 and the 36 stressful, uncertain days days that followed. Because we must not allow that to ever happen again.

Hello! My name is Dave Adams. With my son Kevin's help I created this web site because we want to share the latest news and opinions on election reform issues, to follow legislation introduced to reform our election process and voting systems, to share links to other related sites and organizations, to express my opinions on this subject, and to encourage others to also contact their elected officals and press for badly needed reform. This site is still in its infancy so please bear with the rough edges and do check back later for more content. If you have any suggestions, or any content or links you'd like to see on this site, please email me at "dadams80 AT swbell.net" (replace the "AT" with "@" of course - I display it that way to hide from the spammers) or leave a message on the guestbook.

I believe that election reform is, or should be, non-partisan. It should not be for the advancement of Republican or Democratic or third-party causes; it should be for the fast and accurate counting of votes. It should ensure that it is possible for all eligible voters to vote, and impossible for ineligible voters. It should ensure that all voters walk away with the knowledge that their ballot is valid and will be counted without fail.

Note: this site does not cover campaign finance or re-districing issues; they are worthwhile topics, but I want to focus on the reform of election adminstration, laws and equipment.

I collect and post news articles and opinion pieces related to election reform and voting systems. My best sources have been:

  • Yahoo! News: U.S. Elections - the best source of news and editorials
  • Stateline.org's Election Reform page
  • The Washington Post "On Politics" section
  • The New York Times Politics section
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • CNN
  • My local newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which I read daily. They used to have a good web site, but they replaced it with a new web site that I hate. I can't find hardly anything on it, and all my links to their news articles are broken.
  • Yahoo! News Alerts - "Yahoo! will notify you when a news article matches your interest. You'll receive the headline and summary via email, and can click to read the full story." Great concept, but not always reliable. AOL has a similar service.
  • Deep Throat. - Just kidding! Unfortunately I don't have any inside sources.
  • Last but not least: You! Please email me with links to good articles, or post them on the Election Reform Discussion eGroup.

    Last updated 11/26/2001