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FEC Response, 07/26/2001

Federal Election Commission
Washington, DC 20463

July 26, 2001

Mr. David Adams

Dear Mr. Adams:

President Bush has forwarded to this office for response you letter expressing your views in support of election reform. Realizing that the administration of elections is the responsibility of the states, you propose that Congress instead set monimal standards for voting rules and equipment and provide federal funding for voting eqipment modernization.

The administrative and mechanical problems encountered by the states during the 2000 elections, most notably Florida, have captured the nation's attention - legislation has been introduced at both the federal and state levels and studies have been undertaken in both academia and in the private sector in response to the numerous calls for election reform. Of course, each state has its own unique problems - i.e., equipment failure, poor administration, lack of voter education programs and outdated, or what some believe to be flawed, state election laws. These issues have been addressed during hearings in both Houses of Congress. I have enclosed status report on election/voting related bills that have been introduced thus far in Congress. I think you will find the document informative.

Pursuant to our mandate, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) has established a comprehensive plan - both cost efficient and ready to execute - to address these issues. The enclosed FEC FY 2001 Supplemental Appropriations Request, transmitted to the President and Congress, provides a detailed analysis of our proposal. The enhanced funding would enable us to assist state and local election administrators in developing election administration standards and guidlines; and, more importantly, it would enable us to design grant program criteria by which federal funds could be distributed to state and local jurisdictions should Congress decide to provide funds for the replacement of voting systems. A document outlining the FEC's current mandate with respect to election administration is enclosed, along with a history of the FEC's Voting Systems Standards Program.

Thank you for your interest in writing to President Bush.


Tina VanBrakle
Director, Congressional Affairs